Residential Services

asbestos testing, asbestos survey

Asbestos Testing

AirMD’s asbestos testing and survey assess for the presence of asbestos in building materials that can be harmful.

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bacteria testing, legionella testing, salmonella test

Bacteria Testing

Bacteria testing assesses indoor locations likely to have high concentrations of bacteria that can cause disease.

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heavy metals testing, mercury testing, heavy metals

Heavy Metals Testing

Heavy metals are compounds that negatively affect people’s health. They can enter the water system through groundwater.

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lead testing, lead problems,

Lead Testing

Lead may cause health issues but especially in children and women who are pregnant. Lead may be found in paint, dust or soil.

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mold testing, mold symptoms, mold inspection,

Mold Testing

AirMD’s mold testing and inspection services are an assessment of conditions within the indoor environment related to mold.

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pesticide testing

Pesticide Testing

Pesticides are commonly found indoors but may be applied in concentrations that are not favorable resulting in health issues.

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Volatile Organic Compound Testing, VOC,

Volatile Organic Compound Testing

VOC’s can be harmful and originate indoors from multiple sources including carpets, adhesives, wood floors and paints.

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water testing, water bacteria

Water Testing

AirMD water testing determines levels of bacteria in water and whether your water quality conforms to acceptable standards.

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wellness testing, indoor air quality

Wellness Testing

Advanced wellness is a comprehensive whole house or office test that assesses the condition of your indoor environment.

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