Commercial Services

asbestos testing, asbestos survey,

Asbestos Testing and Surveys

If you demolish, remediate or renovate any structure, you may be subject to regulations for handling of asbestos materials.

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lead testing, lead problems

Lead Testing

Projects undertaken that require demolition, remediation or renovation may be subject to regulations for lead.

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leed certification, indoor environmental quality

LEED Certification

AirMD’s testing procedures sample for all components relative to LEED certification for indoor environmental quality.

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mold testing

Mold Assessments

AirMD’s mold testing and inspection services are an assessment of conditions within the indoor environment related to mold.

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Onsite Post Remediation Testing,

Onsite Post Remediation Testing

AirMD’s mold post remediation testing service provides onsite analysis generating results instantly.

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Pesticide Testing, indoor air quality

Pesticide Testing

Pesticides are commonly found indoors but may be applied in concentrations that are not favorable resulting in health issues.

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restoration project management,  business disaster project management

Restoration Project Management

AirMD scientists, engineers and industrial hygienists provide the required knowledge, experience and offer multi-state availability.

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remediation protocol, protocol development

Protocol Development

Whether the issues are moisture, mold, lead or asbestos related, AirMD provides detailed protocols for all project types.

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volatile organic compound testing, indoor air quality,

Volatile Organic Compound Testing

VOC’s can be harmful and originate indoors from multiple sources including carpets, adhesives, wood floors and paints.

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water loss, flood damage, water remediation

Water Loss

AirMD’s consultants provide third party assessments of water loss conditions to provide project direction and validity.

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