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I was advised to get a mold inspection on a house I'm purchasing based on some old water damage found in the attic. Airmd came out and the mold tests came back negative and they did not suggest remediation. They were professional, punctual, and honest and I would be happy to call them again if I suspected an issue.

Joey N.

I had a problem with asbestos in my home and found out about AirMD through a friend of mine that had recently hired them for a job. Turned out to be a great overall experience! Finished the job quickly and were extremely helpful and kind throughout the process.

L. M.

Would definitely recommend hiring them! AirMD not only helped me through a terrible mold and asbestos problem but they were very kind in doing so. Not to mention their prices were extremely affordable.

Reece S.

I had a problem with mold and asbestos and was referred to AirMD through a co-worker. The company’s process in guiding me through their testing was helpful. They project took some time but the job got done and they were very professional.

G. S.

AirMD are extremely friendly, the experience I had with this company was very satisfying. After a lot of bad weather mold began to grow in my home and AirMD guided me through their process which helped me tremendously.

Lynn Haven

AirMD was hired so they could help me deal with the mold and lead problem in my home. Their office staff and consultants helped me through this process and did so adequately. Very affordable.

Steven B.