AirMD Reviews

Company dedicated to customer service and professional service. Mold related issues in a commercial building I own caused tenants to leave. Airmd was retained to find out the cause and extent of the problem. Their assessment rendered a comprehensive report clearly identifying the problems and providing recommendations on what to do to correct them.

William T.

I came back from vacation to find water all over my home, I contacted a remediation contractor to clean it up and it was determined that I might have mold and based on the age of my home I could have asbestos. I contacted AirMD who identified all the areas mold was present, how to remove it and through their testing confirmed that asbestos was present in the floor glue. It might have been much worse if I just let the contractor take out all of the wet materials.

Melinda G.

Knowledgeable about their trade, helped me understand the issues I had with the building I manage. The report is a technical one that I needed assistance with and they did provide it a day later.

Rachel S.

Nice people, understood my problem, helped me through it and provided answers.

D. Johnson

I had a water event in my home that resulted in mold. I contacted AirMD and they had a consultant onsite within 24 hours. He identified the issues and gave me a detailed report so I could get my house back together. Highly recommend.

Steve M.

The level of service and professionalism was impressive, very happy with what I received and affordable.

Mary K.