Environmental Evaluation Systems

AirMD’s Environmental Evaluation Systems were designed as an easy to use do it yourself solution by AirMD’s scientists and consultants who conduct thousands of indoor environmental assessments annually.

The key to the Environmental Evaluation System is the ability to not only inform the customer of the conditions in the home or office but also provide recommendations on how to improve the conditions.

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PURE AirMD™ Products

AirMD believes everyone deserves a healthy environment in which to live, work and breathe. We are committed to the exploration of new technologies and to uncover safer, natural, organic materials. The future is green.

To support our goal, of better health and improved indoor air quality, AirMD presents, PURE AirMD™ an all natural, purely botanical- based line of products that effectively clean while promoting well being.

Synthetically fragranced and chemical based cleaning products have no role to play in today’s world. No one should have to suffer negative health effects caused by products used to clean their homes.

Live Pure * Breathe Pure * Clean Pure

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AirMD Approved Products

As part of AirMD’s commitment to help people live healthier, AirMD is proud to offer a line of approved products for use in home and work environments.

The approved products and the technology used have been scientifically reviewed, ensuring they improve the quality of home and work environments.

Products receiving the AirMD seal of approval are tested for their ability to remove indoor pollutants, as well as contribute to personal wellness.

Our line of approved products includes custom high efficiency air filters, black light germ detectors, sanitizing wands, airplane air filters, and much more.

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