Testing Affiliate Program

Affiliate Training:

AirMD provides training, informational material and support. Education includes many of the different aspects of indoor environmental air quality that can negatively contribute and affect occupants.

Affiliate Services:

AirMD provides testing of home and office environments using scientific instrumentation. AirMD scientists have developed procedures that allow for the collection of information remotely, all information is reviewed by AirMD and reports with scientific conclusions are sent to customers directly.

Affiliate Support:

The AirMD affiliate program includes:

  • Central booking and billing
  • Public relations and national SEO marketing programs
  • Scientific laboratory reports
  • AirMD report writing and recommendations
  • Website access to the AirMD product store
  • Ability to sell AirMD products
  • Training and standard operating procedures
  • Affiliate support
  • Use of limited corporate identity
  • Free sample shipment to laboratories
  • Centralized customer service


In addition to testing, AirMD offers our affiliates an opportunity to sell AirMD’s line of natural cleaning products, home test kits and other related products available from AirMD.
AirMD invites you to join our mission helping people improve their personal indoor environments while building income for yourself, by becoming an independent AirMD testing affiliate.

For more information on the AirMD affiliate program contact Mr. Simon Hahessy, Scientific Director AirMD 561.245.4500 or fill out the contact form

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