Do You Have Mold?

Indoor Air Quality Testing Should be your First Move

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Mold related issues may be obvious or hidden. Obvious issues where mold is growing are usually related to floods, water leaks, moisture intrusion or elevated humidity. For obvious mold problems, the first step should be mold testing with an onsite assessment by AirMD.

If mold is observed or suspected call AirMD 1 888 462 4763 or 1 888 GO AIRMD

Improper or over-zealous remediation may make the situation worse. The AirMD on site assessment will determine the extent of the issue, the cause and will provide a detailed step by step solution so that the work is completed correctly.

On site assessment includes:
•Qualified mold inspector
•Particle sampling
•Photo documentationt
•Moisture Assessment
•Report with recommendation
•Mold detection and documentation
•Air quality testing with lab analysis
•Temperature and humidity analysis

For less obvious issues, mold allergies, mold symptoms or to gain an understanding of the contaminants in your home or office, a second option is our unique Environmental Evaluation System. The system can identify many different concerns. It is a screening that measures for six environmental contaminants including how to test for mold, bacteria, chemicals, allergens, particulates and water quality. Individual tests may also be ordered separately

The Environmental Evaluation System includes:
• Sampling components
• Free shipping
• Laboratory analysis
• Written report with suggestions

Areas served in North Carolina include: Raleigh, Charlotte and Greensboro and surrounding areas

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