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Mold growth indoors should not occur. When mold growth is identified or suspected, mold testing and mold inspection are necessary. Mold in homes, on walls and mold and mildew are ways where mold exposure can occur.

Our mold detection and inspection consultants are experienced and knowledgeable with backgrounds in science and engineering and they are ready to help! We offer exemplary customer service and informative reports. AirMD can identify problems and provide solutions for quick resolution of mold issues.

AirMD options for mold testing and mold inspection in Louisiana are listed below:

AirMD’s On site diagnostic inspection is used when obvious mold issues are present such as water damage, water leaks or if you have an insurance loss.
This service includes:

◙ Onsite assessment with consultant
◙ Moisture mapping
◙ Temperature and humidity assessment
◙ Air quality testing and lab analysis
◙ Respirable particle measurements
◙ Written report with photos

AirMD’s Environmental Evaluation System If obvious mold issues are not present but mold symptoms and mold allergies exist, occupants are sick or the general quality of your home or work environment is of concern, this unique system can identify many different issues.

The system allows the customer samples for six environmental contaminants which include mold, bacteria, chemicals, allergens, water quality and particulates. Individual tests may also be ordered separately. Environmental Evaluation System includes:

• Sampling components
• Free shipping
• Laboratory analysis
• Written report with suggestions

AirMD’s local consultants serve New Orleans and surrounding areas.

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