Do You Know What’s in the Air You’re Breathing?

Our local mold testing experts can tell you....

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If you have visible mold or suspect a problem with your indoor air quality we can help
Call AirMD 1-888 GO AIRMD or 1-888-462-4763

AirMD offers two options for mold detection for all types of mold:

Option 1: Onsite Evaluation – Generally required if you have visible mold such as mold on walls, have had water damage or flooding or have a mold related insurance claim. This comprehensive evaluation is performed by a qualified mold professional and includes:

◙ Visual on site documented assessment
◙ Air sampling with laboratory analysis
◙ Temperature and humidity testing
◙ Moisture mapping
◙ Respirable particle sampling
◙ Photo documentation
◙ Detailed report with remediation protocol

Option 2: Do-it-Yourself Environmental Evaluation System (EES) –This system is ideal for air quality testing for problems that may not be obvious but concerns exist relative to hidden mold exposure, a purported mold allergy or general health and wellness. The system is a comprehensive screening for six different contaminates:

♦Water quality

The AirMD Environmental Evaluation System may be purchased for any of the above listed six environmental contaminants. Individual tests may be ordered separately.

Whether you need testing to determine if you have mold or you need an estimate for mold removal our team of mold inspectors will assist you.

Servicing the following areas in Georgia: Atlanta, Marietta, Decatur, Sandy Springs, Savannah and Forest Park.

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