Can Mold Be Prevented?

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Mold grows easily and quickly in Alabama and reproduces by way of spores when given the right conditions. Mold growth indoors should not occur. Exposure to mold can result in significant health effects. If growth is identified or suspected – mold testing and mold inspection are necessary.

If you are in need of mold detection
Call AirMD 1-888-462-4763 or 1 888 GO AIRMD

In Mobile and Birmingham we offer the following choices:

AirMD’s On site diagnostic inspection for obvious mold issues such as visible mold growth water damage or water leaks. This service includes:

  • Onsite assessment
  • Moisture mapping
  • Temperature and humidity assessment
  • Air quality testing and lab analysis
  • Particle measurements
  • Written report with photos

AirMD’s Environmental Evaluation System – If mold issues are not visible or present but mold symptoms or a mold allergy exist and you would like more information regarding the general quality of your home or work environment, this unique system can identify many different issues.

The system allows the customer sample for six environmental contaminants which include mold, bacteria, chemicals, allergens, water quality and particulates. Individual tests may also be ordered separately.
The AirMD Environmental Evaluation System includes:• Sampling components• Free shipping

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