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Mold exposure can cause allergic symptoms including coughing, sneezing, shortness of breath and eye, nose or throat irritation. Reactions range from mild to severe and in some cases may require medical attention. Mold contamination may remain undetected until symptoms appear, so mold inspection is necessary.

AirMD scientists use diagnostic scientific equipment and all results are certified by independent accredited laboratories. AirMD’s mold testing report, documents problems, identifies the cause and provides written protocols detailing how to remove and correct the mold problem.

Environmental events can occur anytime and include flood, water leaks or building design failures. Any of these problems may cause mold growth. Mold testing and inspection is necessary when these situations happen and should be performed by qualified scientific personnel only.
Mold testing and inspection should be completed as quickly as possible after an event to prevent further damage and minimize potential health effects to occupants.

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AirMD’s services offer the following:

►Odor assessment – detect odors from chemical and biological agents using odor detection instrumentation. Odors are often indicators of mold presence.

►Airborne particles – air sampling to measure concentrations of particles and mold spores in air.

►Microbial volatile organic chemicals (MVOC’s)* – testing to detect chemicals produced by mold.

►Moisture measurements – to assess whether moisture is present in building materials which provide favorable conditions for mold growth.

►Laboratory Analysis – analyze mold samples taken to identify the different types of mold present and confirm environmental conditions

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