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AirMD’s mold testing and mold inspection service in Coral Springs offers environmental testing based on science. Our mold testing and mold inspection services in Coral Springs, FL are completed by scientists and certified indoor environmentalists that help identify problems in home and office environments relating to mold and other environmental contaminants.

AirMD’s scientists use diagnostic testing procedures during the mold testing and mold inspection, utilize scientific equipment and use independent accredited laboratories to identify conditions that provide environments for mold growth. Unfortunate environmental situations can occur at anytime in residential and commercial settings including floods, water leaks, mold growth and unusual musty odors. For a home or business owner these situations are stressful and concerning. Responding to these situations can be difficult as important decisions are needed to minimize damage, control cost and ensure conditions do not affect health.

AirMD understands these concerns and our team is ready to assist to ensure you and your family is safe. AirMD offers a fast response service that can save you money by providing an impartial mold testing and mold inspection service that identifies the necessary actions required to address and correct the issues.

Like any industry, impartiality is very important. AirMD does not conduct mold removal or mold remediation so our customers are safe in the knowledge that AirMD is representing their best interests. AirMD does not benefit no matter how big or small the problem(s) are.

AirMD’s mold testing and mold inspection service identifies the cause of the problem(s), determines the extent of the problem(s) and provides recommendations to correct the problem(s). AirMD provides personal project management support; AirMD will answer questions on vendor bids from third parties for mold removal and mold remediation, provide support when dealing with insurance agencies and answer questions relating to the mold testing and mold inspection that is conducted.

AirMD is a leader in understanding, identifying and correcting indoor environmental related problems. Mold related problems are one of many environmental parameters AirMD understands and is experienced dealing with. Mold growth and the effects of mold contamination is often misunderstood, the information delivered from mold testing and mold inspections can often be vague, misinterpreted and can result in unnecessary homeowner expense. AirMD’s laboratory trained scientists understand the relationships between mold and the home or office environment.

Mold requires some basic elements to grow including, moisture and nutrient sources. Other elements that provide the right opportunity to grow include temperature, humidity, pH, macro and micro nutrients. Mold growth indoors should not occur; preventing conditions for mold growth in your home or office is extremely important. Moisture intrusion, water leaks, air pathways and high humidity indoors are examples of conditions that help mold to grow indoors. Mold contamination can cause health issues. Common symptoms associated with exposure to mold include eye irritation, sneezing and respiratory issues.

During the mold testing and mold inspection procedure, key information must be obtained.

This includes:

• Identifying and documenting the environmental factors that are providing conditions for mold growth.

• Identifying corrective measures to remove the conditions for mold growth.

• Documenting the extent of mold growth so the necessary mold removal and mold remediation practices can be completed.

• Provide recommendations detailing corrective measures and suggestions to prevent a recurrence of the issue(s).

AirMD’s approach to mold testing and mold inspections is to identify where visible or hidden mold is present, detail the reason why it is present (e.g. moisture intrusion, water leak etc), identify the extent of the problem (e.g. whether it is in on one wall in one room or multiple walls in multiple rooms) and provide recommendations on what needs to be done to fix the problem.

As a result, AirMD’s mold testing and mold inspection reports are informative that allows for a clear understanding of the problem(s) and clearly identifies the necessary corrective measures to fix the problem(s).

In the event mold removal and mold remediation is necessary, AirMD’s reports provide a remediation protocol. The protocol details the specific area(s) mold removal and mold remediation must occur and the necessary protective measures that must be undertaken to ensure the mold removal and mold remediation procedures are successful.

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